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Govt to support traders who raise voice against harassment: Goyal
HM says Cooperative Univ & dedicated export house are in making
Experts mull over projects for Indo-US joint research
4.33 lakh companies struck off down during last five years: MoS
Government releases two instalments of tax devolution to State Governments amounting to Rs 1,16,665.75 crore as against normal monthly devolution of Rs. 58,332.86 crore
Edited Transcript of Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Press Conference: August 05, 2022
The world sees India as an engine of economic growth: Shri Piyush Goyal
Tax collections - Service providers continue to pay less than manufacturers
No fee for startups and MSMEs for use of indigenous 5G Test Bed till Jan 2023
India has 17.96 lakh women-owned MSMEs out of 99.59 lakh: MoS
No dependence on one country; Oil PSUs sourcing from multiple zones: MoS
Oil & Gas PSUs have set up Hydrogen Corpus Fund to fund R&D: Minister
Tri-Ratna of governance - Out of box thinking, breaking taboos & converting Govt drive into Mass Campaign: MoS
IBBI disposes off 6,172 complaints and grievances out of 6,231 against service providers under IBC
4,32,796 companies struck off down during last five years
Auction for Sale (re-issue) of (i) ‘7.38% GS 2027’, (ii) ‘GoI Floating Rate Bond 2028’, (iii) ‘7.54% GS 2036’ (iv) ‘6.99% GS 2051’
1,00,255 claims paid amounting to Rs. 1,990.57 crore under PMSBY 5,93,316 claims paid amounting to Rs. 11,866.32 crore under PMJJBY
Various measures taken by Government contribute to increase in tax collection
Measures taken by the Government to protect the interest of investors/account holders in the bank
Jan Samarth Portal eases loan application and disbursement process for applicants
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HC: Order under Section 241A cannot be passed in a mechanical and routine manner and refunds cannot be withheld just because Section 143(2) notice has been issued and the Revenue wants verify the claim…

ITAT: Rs.121.15 Cr received by a Singapore-based company from its Indian AE for rendering certain business support services is not taxable under India-Singapore DTAA as the services did not make available…

ITAT: Property developer is not liable for deducting tax at source under Section 194A on payment of subvention charges or pre-EMI charges to housing finance company on behalf of buyer.

ITAT: Payments made by Deloitte to its group company in respect of global brand, global communications and global technology/knowledge management is not royalty under Article 12 of India-UK DTAA and thus,…

ITAT: The additional depreciation is allowable under Section 32(1)(iia) for assets acquired during the prior period and installed during the relevant financial year.

HC: Section 206AA cannot override the provisions of India-Netherland DTAA.

HC: The time-limit for filing appeal would start running only from the the date of receipt of the order and not the date of order and any other interpretation would result in incongruity and absurdity…

ITAT: Applicability of Section 50 is limited for working out the cost of acquisition under Sections 48 and 49 for the depreciable asset but the capital gain has to be treated as long term capital gain…

ITAT: No TDS liability under Section 195 arose on payments made to University of Texas, USA for carrying out research activity.

HC: Scrutiny assessment of VFSPL was completed without making any addition and was concluded even prior to the issuance of the notice under Section 148A(d) to the Assessee.

HC: When the sole cause of action for initiating the proceedings against the Assessee and passing of the impugned adjudication orders doesn’t survive, such matters should be remitted to the adjudicating…

HC: Where the trial will take its own time to conclude, the Commissioner is empowered to recover the due amount and propose for abating the proceedings.

HC: Tax invoice based on which goods were dispatched from Telangana to Rail Coach Factory, Raebareli, UP was dated February 26, 2018 and was issued in compliance with Rule 46.

HC: Revenue is directed to invest the money in an interest-bearing fixed deposit maintained with a nationalized bank and issue SCN to assesses, and after considering the replies, pass a speaking order…

HC: Even a plain reading of the provision does not suggest that the orders need not be signed. At the least, the revenue should have appended digital signatures as it has grave implications for the as…

NAA: Computation of profiteered amount is an easy mathematical exercise which can be done by any person who has elementary knowledge of accounts.

NAA: The benefit of reduction in the tax rate has not been passed on to the recipients by way of commensurate reduction in the prices in terms of section 171 (1) of the CGST Act, 2017.

NAA: Anti-profiteering clause is not applicable against Respondent’s project Epic as all the events like launch of project, bookings and allotment of the units happened in the post-GST era.

NAA: The DGAP’s verification is inconclusive and it cannot be concluded that all such homebuyers/customers have got the benefit of ITC that was required to be passed.

NAA: Cesses could not be carried forward under the GST-regime and therefore, could not be considered as Input Tax Credit and the same could not be considered while calculating the profiteered amount.

Clause 202 - Immunity from initiation of proceedings in respect of offence and imposition of penalty in certain cases
Clause 201 - Time and manner of payment
Clause 200 - Particulars to be furnished
Clause 199 - Declaration of tax payable
Clause 198 - Definitions
Clause 197 - Short title and commencement
Clause 193 - Scheme not to apply to certain persons
Clause 192 - Applicability of certain provisions of Income-tax Act and of Chapter V of Wealth-tax Act
Clause 191 - Exemption from wealth-tax in respect of assets specified in declaration
Clause 190 - Declaration by misrepresentation of facts to be void
Clause 189 - Declaration not admissible in evidence against declarant
Clause 188 - Tax in respect of voluntarily disclosed income not refundable
Clause 187 - Undisclosed income declared not to be treated as benami transaction in certain cases
Clause 186 - Undisclosed income declared not to affect finality of completed assessments
Clause 185 - Undisclosed income declared not to be included in total income
Clause 184 - Time for payment of tax
Clause 182 - Penalty
Clause 181 - Charge of tax and surcharge
Clause 180 - Declaration of undisclosed income
Clause 179 - Definitions
Clause 178 - Short title and commencement
Clause 163 - Collection and recovery of equalisation levy
Clause 162 - Charge of equalisation levy
Clause 161 - Definitions
Clause 160 - Extent, commencement and application
Clause 159 - Infrastructure Cess
Clause 158 - Krishi Kalyan Cess
Clause 157 - Amendment of notification issued under section 93A of Finance Act, 1994
Clause 156 - Insertion of new sections 101, 102 and 103- Special provision for exemption in certain cases relating to construction of canal, dam, etc- Special provision for exemption in certain cases relating to construction of Government buildings- Speci
Clause 155 - Amendment of section 93A
Clause 154 - Amendment of section 91
Clause 153 - Amendment of section 90
Clause 152 - Amendment of section 89
Clause 151 - Amendment of section 78A
Clause 150 - Amendment of section 75
Clause 149 - Amendment of section 73
Clause 148 - Amendment of section 67A
Clause 147 - Amendment of section 66E
Clause 146 - Amendment of section 66D
Clause 145 - Amendment of section 65B
Clause 144 - Amendment of Second Schedule
Clause 143 - Amendment of First Schedule
Clause 142 - Amendment of Third Schedule
Clause 141 - Amendment of section 37B
Clause 140 - Amendment of section 11A
Clause 139 - Amendment of section 5A
Clause 138 - Amendment of First Schedule
Clause 137 - Omission of section 8C
Clause 136 - Amendment of notifications issued under section 25 of Act 52 of 1962
Clause 135 - Amendment of section 156
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