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Top Tax Stories

ITAT - Delhi ITAT Relieves LG India from TDS Liability on Notional Profits of LG Korea’s PE.
FC - Pakistan Supreme Court Classifies Software Lease Payments as Royalty, Overturns High Court Ruling.
HC - Delhi HC Affirms Non-Taxability of Indirect Transfer of Shares, Deems Explanatory Amendments Retrospective.
ITAT - Delhi ITAT Exempts Satellite Transmission Services from 'Royalty' Tax, Aligning with New Skies Precedent.
ITAT - Delhi ITAT Quashes Assessment Orders Due to Non-Compliance with Mandatory DIN Requirement.
ITAT - Delhi ITAT Rules Intra-group Management Support Services Not Taxable as FTS Under India-Singapore DTAA.
HC - Bombay HC Annuls Reassessment on Leasehold Rights Already Taxed in Subsequent Year.
ITAT - Mumbai Tribunal Upholds Deductibility of Compensation Expenditure in Real Estate Business.
HC - Madras HC Annuls Reassessment Proceedings on Capital Gains Exemption, Citing Complete Disclosure by Assessee.
ITAT - Tribunal Upholds Deduction for 'Mark to Market' Loss in Forex Hedging, Overruling CBDT Instruction.
ITAT - Chandigarh Tribunal Quashes Assessment Beyond Six Years under Section 153A for Lack of Incriminating Evidence.
ITAT - Delhi ITAT Rules in Favor of German Company: Offshore Supplies & Services Not Taxable in India.
ITAT - Delhi Tribunal Upholds Capitalization of Interest Paid to NOIDA in Project Expenses.
ITAT - Delhi Tribunal Sets New Benchmarks in Comparable Selection for TP Adjustments in Software and ITES Segments.
ITAT - Jaipur Tribunal Overturns Penalty for Non-Audited Accounts, Citing Lack of Book Maintenance as Key.
ITAT - Mumbai Tribunal Overturns Addition under Section 68, Upholds Legitimacy of Assessee's Share Transactions.
ITAT - Mumbai ITAT Rules Against Reassessment Triggered by Unconnected Third-Party Statement in Property Purchase Case.
ITAT - Jabalpur ITAT Third Member Rules in Favor of Assessee, Declaring Regular Assessment under Section 143(3) Invalid Post-Search.
HC - Orissa High Court Validates Expenditure on Employee Welfare School as Allowable Business Expense.
ITAT - Mumbai ITAT Restores Interest Expense Issue on Unsecured Debentures to AO for De Novo Adjudication.
AAR - Telangana AAR Clarifies GST Exemption on Sale of Developed Plots, Taxability on Works-Contract Service.
SC - Supreme Court Remands Zydus Lifescience’s ITC Case for Fresh Adjudication on Foreign-Agent Commission.
HC - Madras HC Reverses AAR's Exemption Denial on Services for Imported Wheat Intended for Processing.
HC - Punjab & Haryana HC Reinstates Appeal Dismissed for Manual Filing, Citing 'Electronically or Otherwise' Provision.
CESTAT - CESTAT Delhi Upholds Customs Duty on Re-Imported Goods into DTA from SEZ Unit.
HC - Bombay HC Overturns Registration Cancellation for Lack of Reasons, Directs Assessee to Challenge Bank Attachment.
HC - Allahabad HC Annuls Tax Demand on Deceased Sole Proprietor for Lack of Notice to Legal Representative.
HC - Madras High Court Mandates Refund with Interest for Higher Input Tax Rate Cases under GST.
HC - Madras High Court Quashes Demand Orders Against Ex-Director of Company in Liquidation Citing Absence of Clarity on Funds.
CESTAT - CESTAT Chennai Rules Commission from Overseas Buyers for Export Services Not ‘Intermediary.
HC - Karnataka High Court Quashes Show Cause Notice Against Britannia for VAT Refund Reversal, Calls for Departmental Coordination.
CESTAT - CESTAT Bangalore Classifies MTR's 'Badam Milk Drink' as 'Beverage', Not 'Flavoured Milk'.
HC - Madras High Court Rules University Affiliation Services Not Exempt from GST, Dismisses Writ Petitions.
HC - Madras High Court Recognizes Post-Investigation ST-3 Declarations as Valid for SVLDRS 2019 Eligibility.
CESTAT - CESTAT Delhi Upholds Service Tax Demand on Indian Institute for Degrees from Non-Recognized Foreign University.
HC - Delhi HC Orders Processing of IGST Refund Application, Citing Compliance with Rule 89(2).
HC - Madhya Pradesh HC Overturns SCN Against Raymond for Inadequate Response Time and Lack of Details.
HC - Andhra Pradesh HC Rules Unsigned CGST Order Invalid and Unenforceable.
HC - Delhi HC Grants Assessee Higher Interest on GST Refund Initially Denied, Clarifies Section 56.
Gujarat AAR: Job-Work of Converting Raw Materials into Antraquinone Derivatives Taxable at 12%.