TaxCorp e-Practice Mega DVD

With Weekly Live Updates

Coverning (Entire Gamut of law and practice) on :

  • Direct Taxes
  • Company Law
  • Service Tax
  • Excise
  • Customs
  • Banking/RBI/FEMA
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Annual Reports
  • Deeds and Documents
  • Conveyancing
  • TaxCorp Forms
  • TaxCorp Books

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Package Details

Direct Taxes:

§  Supreme Court, High Courts' Rulings with Head notes. 58, 000 judgments covered.

§  ITATs' latest case laws with head notes - full text of all the case laws. more than 38,000 Tribunal Orders covered.

§  Landmark Judgments: Daily updated landmark judgments on Direct Taxes and Service Tax with analysis. Be the first to know.

§  Journal Covered: ITR, CTR, Taxman, Taxation. Taxman (Mag), ITD, TTJ, SOT, ITR (Trib), TIOL, TaxCorp(DT), TaxCorp (AT)

§  Largest number of unreported cases

§  DTAA + Finance Bills, Finance Acts, Direct Taxes Acts/Rules

§  TaxCorp Updates -Analyzing the news events from the trade, fiscal and revenue administration sectors

§  All the Notifications, Instructions & Circulars of CBDT since inception

§  Latest legislative changes effected by the Union Government

§  Articles by tax experts, eminent persons and professionals from Industry

§  Reports of various expert committees set up by Union Government Ministries

§  Choicest Case Laws on Direct Taxes. Important Case Laws Digest on Income Tax. More than 30000 reference senction-wise of currently applicable case laws.

§  Always updated Direct Taxes Acts, Rules and Forms.

§  Legal commentaries and Practice Guides including Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner.


Accounts and Audit including Annual Reports:

 §  Accounting and other Standards

§  Financials and Disclosures, Disclosure Checklist, Guidance Notes and Expert Committee Opinions, CARO, Industry-wise coverage

§  Financial Statements of key companies spread across 67 industries

§  Financial Statements of key companies based on IFRS spread across 31 industries

§  Model Financial Statements

§  Cost Accounting Standards

§  Secretarial Standards

§  Ind AS

§  Articles on Accounting

§  Case Laws on Accounting Standards

§  Powerful Search


Corporate Laws (Company Law, SEBI Laws, Competition Laws, Foreign Exchange Laws, Banking and Insurance Laws and other Corporate Laws):

§  Companies Act, 2013.

§  Ready Reckoner and Procedure on Companies Act, 2013 and Rules made thereunder. Including minutes, notices etc.

§  Comparative study of Companies Act, 2013 & Companies Act, 1956

§  Rules and Forms/Circulars & Notifications

§  Real time updating on hourly basis.

§  Always updated Acts/Rules/Circulars and notifications

§  TaxCorp Search: Search based on words and phrases, logical search

§  More than 18, 000 judgments of Supreme Court/High Courts on Company Law, Securities & SEBI Laws, Foreign Exchange Laws etc.


§  Journals covered: SCL, Company Cases, CLA, CLJ, DRTC, CLC, TaxCorp (Unreported Cases)

§  All Acts/Rules/Forms pertaining to Corporate Laws

§  More than 8,000 Circulars and 4,000 Notifications

§  Real time updating to give always updated Acts/Rules/Forms/Circulars/Notifications


Service Tax (Company Law, SEBI Laws, Competition Laws, Foreign Exchange Laws, Banking and Insurance Laws and other Corporate Laws):

§  Journals Covered: (STT, STR, TaxCorp (ST), VST, ECR, RLT, ELT)

§  Real time updatation on hourly basis

§  Acts, Rules, Forms pertaining to Service Tax

§  More than 19,000 judgments of Supreme Court/High Courts/CESTAT/AAR on Service Tax

§  Legal Guides and Commentaries on:

o   Service Tax Book (New Law)

o   Service Tax (New Law)

o   Service Tax Procedure

o   Service Tax Choicest Case Laws

o   Service Tax Circulars (Important)

o   Service Tax Negative List

o   Service Tax Abatement

o   Service Tax Exempted Services - Mega Exemptions

o   Service Tax Reverse Charge

o   Taxation of Services an Education Guide


Excise and Customs:

 §  Journals Covered: (ELT and TaxCorp)

§  More than 90,000 judgments of Supreme Court/High Courts/CESTAT/AAR on Excise and Customs

§  Acts, Rules, Forms pertaining to Excise and Customs

§  Circulars and Notifications on:

o   Excise

o   Customs

o   DGFT

o   Exim

o   SEZ

§  Excise Manual and Customs Manual with practice Support

§  Lightning  fast and intelligent TaxCorp Search

§  Real time updating on hourly basis.


GST and VAT:

 §  Journals Covered: VST, STC, TaxCorp(VAT))

§  More than 10,000 judgments of Supreme Court/High Courts/CESTAT/AAR GST and VAT

§  All State level Acts and Rules

§  Real time updation of Circulars and Notifications of State level VAT Legislations

§  Lightning  fast and intelligent TaxCorp Search


Indian Acts and Rules:

 §  Covering nearly 160 Acts pertaining to Tax and Corporate Laws:

o   Tax Laws

o   Corporate Laws

o   Indirect Tax Laws

o   Banking Laws

o   Insurance Laws

o   Foreign Exchange Laws

o   Labour Laws

o   Commercial Laws

§  Covering nearly 250 Rules pertaining to above laws.

§  Updation on weekly basis to give you always updated Acts and Rules


Deeds and Conveyancing under Income Tax Act:

 §  Covering more than 1000 deeds and documents under various laws

§  Simply copy and paste to customize your own deeds and conveyancing


TaxCorp Books:

 §  Taxation Books:

o   Survey under Income Tax Act

o   Tax Deduction at Source: Law Practice and Procedure

o   Second Appeal: A Practical Treatise

o   Direct Taxes Tables Ready Referencer

o   Interesting Taxation Issues

o   NGO: Formation, Management, Taxation

o   Direct Taxes Ready Reckoner

§  Company Law Books:

o   Company Law Ready Referencer

o   Statutory Manual: Acts

o   Statutory Manual: Rules

o   Company Law Procedure

o   Frequently Asked Questions

§  Accounting Books:

o   Company Accounts Made Easy

o   IFRS: Short Handbook

o   All Accounting, Cost, Secretarial Standards etc.

§  Auditing Books:

o   Tax Audit

o   Bank Audit

§  Service Tax Books:

o   Service Tax Procedure (Old Law)

o   Service Tax Ready Reckoner (Old Law)

o   Service Tax Digest (1994- 2013)

o   Service-wise Circulars and Clarifications

o   Service Tax Ready Reckoner (New Law)

o   Service Tax: An Education Guide (New Law)

o   Service Tax Book (New Law)


TaxCorp Search (Power at your fingertips):

 §  TaxCorp Searchlets you enter a words or phrases as search request.

§  TaxCorp Phrase Search finds phrases (Exact words)

§  TaxCorp Logical Search operators like and/or/not can join words and phrases. You can join phrases to narrow down your search to more focused search result.

§  TaxCorp Within Search finds a word or phrase within "n" number of words of from another word or phrase. Like you can search for penalty within/15 wrong claim to find all cases where penalty is within 15 words of wrong claim. You can combine logical search and proximity search:

o   Choose from these options:

o   Within/3 - Within/5: words will appear in approximately the same phrase

o   Within/15: words will appear in approximately the same sentence

o   Within/50: words will appear in approximately the same paragraph

§  The following search first looks for documents in which forms of the word "assign" appear within five words of "collateral," then finds occurrences of "lease" within 8 words of the forms of "assign":

o   lease Within/8 assign W/5 collateral

§  You can also use TaxCorp Search to find a word or phrase "n" words before another word or phrase: penalty pre/38 reasonable.

§  Use the AND NOT connector to find documents in which a search word or phrase is to be excluded.

§  TaxCorp Phonic Search can be used to find words that sound alike.

§  You can also use TaxCorp Search to find variations on endings like child can find children.

§  TaxCorp Wildcard Searchcan be used to (?) to hold a single letter place, and * to hold multiple letter

§  You can combine all the TaxCorp Search.

§  Search results are ranked according to the relevance you are searching for. Thus, saving your time and effort.

§  You can save your search for future use also.

§  TaxCorp Search lets your search request as complex as you want