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  • International Taxation Decisions & Transfer Pricing Case Laws
  • Analysis of Tax Treaties
  • Double Taxation Treaties
  • Model Conventions and Commentaries
  • Holding Company Information
  • Articles, News & Views
  • Indian Tax Laws
  • Foreign Exchange Laws/FEMA/RBI
  • Powerful Search

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  International Taxation Decisions & Transfer Pricing Case Laws

  • Case Laws on International Taxation and Transfer Pricing, covering both Indian and major tax jurisdictions.
  • Case Laws categorized as under:

o    International Taxation

o    Transfer Pricing

o    Indo UK DTAA

o    Indo US DTAA

o    Foreign Cases

o    NRI


Analysis of Tax Treaties

  • An intelligent Research Tool where you can compare DTAA agreements of different countries and come to a logical conclusion.


Double Taxation Treaties

  • comprehensive, limited and other tax treaties that India has entered into with other countries:

o    Comprehensive Treaties

o    Limited Treaties

o    Other Treaties

o    DTAA Whole Treaty

o    Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA)

o    Protocols

o    Specified Association Agreements


Model Conventions and Commentaries

  • Model Conventions and Commentaries covering OECD, UN and US Model Commentaries (including 2014 editions of OECD Model Convention and Commentaries):

Model Treaties

o    OECD Model Tax Convention

o    UN Model Tax Convention

o    US Model Technical Exp

o    OECD Model TIEA

o    How to Enter Into Tax Treaty

o    OECD Convention for Mutual Administrative Assistance on Tax Matters  

Model Commentaries

o    OECD Model Tax Commentary

o    UN Model Commentry

o    US Model Technical Exp

o    INDO-US Technical Exp      

Transfer Pricing

o    OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines

o    TP OECD Discussion Papers

o    Transfer Pricing Information

o    TP Reports and Guidelines

o    TP APA Guidelines


Holding Company Information

  • Complete information on establishing holding company in more than 100 countries
  • Taxation and other aspects relating to holding company
  • Analysis tool where you can compare two countries to take decision where to establish holding company


Articles, News & Views

  • More than 2000 Legal & Practice Articles, News and Views on various topics relating to Transfer Pricing and International Taxation:

o    International Taxation

o    Transfer Pricing

o    Committee Reports

o    Guidance Note

o    Tax Rates

o    GAAR


Indian Tax Laws

  • Always updated Domestic Direct Tax Acts/Rules/Circulars & Notifications:

o    Circulars

o    Instructions

o    Notifications

o    Relevant Sections of Act

o    TP Rules

o    Forms

o    Miscellaneous

o    APA Rules

o    APA FAQ

o    UN Manual on TP

o    Safe Harbour Rules

o    US Transfer Pricing


Foreign Exchange Laws/FEMA/RBI

  • Acts and Rules, Circulars & Notifications pertaining to Foreign Exchange Laws along with relevant Case Laws:

o    FEMA Act

o    Exchange Manual

o    Fema Notifications

o    Master Circulars

o    Press Notes

o    Rules

o    RBI Circulars

o    FDI Circulars

o    Reports

o    RBI Other Notifications

Other Features

  • Frequently used citations by the courts in their decisions
  • Search case laws for a particular clause of DTAA agreement
  • Largest number of unreported case laws
  • Fastest reporting
  • You may post your comments on any of the decisions, after viewing the summary. The option to post a comment appears at the bottom of the page.
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