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India's Consistent Innovation Excellence: Retaining the 40th Position in Global Innovation Index 2023
Meeting of Trade & Economy Ministers of Shanghai Cooperation Organization member States conducted in Hybrid mode on 27 September 2023
Ministry of Textiles approved 18 R&D projects valuing INR 46.74 Crores across different areas of Technical Textiles
India retains 40th rank in the Global Innovation Index 2023
56th Network Planning Group Meeting under PM GatiShakti assesses Six Infrastructure Projects
Extension of the validity of FCRA registration certificates
IICA-UNICEF conduct workshop on Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) in New Delhi
Government extends support under Scheme for Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products (RoDTEP) till 30th June 2024
Issuance Calendar for Marketable Dated Securities for October 2023 - March 2024
Calendar for Auction of Government of India Treasury Bills (For the Quarter ending December 2023)
Government’s Borrowing plan for Second Half of FY 2023-24
CBDT notifies changes to Rule 11UA in respect of ANGEL TAX
Claims of more than 10,000 MSMEs accepted under Vivad se Vishwas-I scheme since launch
Auction for Sale (re-issue) of (i) ‘6.99% GS 2026’, (ii) ‘7.17% GS 2030’, (iii) ‘7.18% GS 2037’ and (iv) ‘7.25% GS 2063’
A Customer Centric Approach-Navigating the Path to Excellence in Customer Service (Speech by Shri Swaminathan J, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India - September 21, 2023 - at the Conference on Customer Service held in Mumbai)
India Smart Cities Conclave 2023 to be held in Indore
India's First Lighthouse Festival opens in Goa
PM says New technology should be leveraged by legal profession
HLC relating to holding of simultaneous elections holds preliminary meeting
Puri to flag off 1st Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus today
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ITAT - Chandigarh ITAT Emphasizes the Need for Effective Service of Hearing Notices; Overturns CIT(E) Order for Non-compliance with Section 282.

ITAT - Kolkata ITAT Nullifies Manual Assessment Order Without DIN; Says Late DIN Intimation Breaches CBDT Directive.

ITAT - Hyderabad ITAT Upholds Revenue's Stance: Denies Section 80-IA Deduction for Joint Venture Profits, Relying on SC's Dilip Kumar Verdict.

ITAT - Delhi ITAT Clarifies 'Make Available' Clause in India-Singapore DTAA; 'Marketing & Sales, Operations & Standardization Services' Not FTS.

HC - Karnataka HC's Ruling on United Spirits and its Rs.87 Cr. Refund.

HC - Delhi HC Upholds Refund on Excess Tax Beyond 20% Limit, Considers TDS & TCS.

ITAT - SanDisk Ireland's Indian Arm Not Considered Agency Permanent Establishment (PE); Independent Distributors Conclude Contracts.

HC - Bombay HC Rules 'TDS Under Protest' Refundable to Deductor.

ITAT - TDS on ESOP Occurs at Exercise, Not Grant: Mumbai ITAT's Decision.

ITAT - Delhi ITAT Decision on Reopening of Assessment with Extended Limitation.

AAR - Mixing Scent (not Jarda scent) with Tobacco Dust Doesn't Amount to Manufacturing, Rules Uttar Pradesh AAAR.

HC - Delhi HC Rules Duty Drawback Available on Additional Duty Paid During Import.

HC - Calcutta HC Nullifies Appellate Authority's Adjustment of Output Tax in Refund Claim, Sends Matter for Re-examination.

AAR - Subsidies Not Influencing Supply Value are Not Exempt from GST, Rules Karnataka AAR.

HC - Madras HC on Interest Levy for Delayed Tax Payment.

AAR - ITC Eligibility on Structural Support for Plant & Machinery, Rules Rajasthan AAR.

SC - SC Upholds Denial of Pre-Arrest Bail by Bombay HC in ITC Fraud Case.

HC - Andhra Pradesh HC on GST Rate for Mango Pulp.

HC - Kerala HC Decision on ITC Claim Based on GSTR-2A Non-Reflection.

AAAR - Uttar Pradesh AAAR Decision on GST-Invoice Submission by Contractor.

Clause 202 - Immunity from initiation of proceedings in respect of offence and imposition of penalty in certain cases
Clause 201 - Time and manner of payment
Clause 200 - Particulars to be furnished
Clause 199 - Declaration of tax payable
Clause 198 - Definitions
Clause 197 - Short title and commencement
Clause 193 - Scheme not to apply to certain persons
Clause 192 - Applicability of certain provisions of Income-tax Act and of Chapter V of Wealth-tax Act
Clause 191 - Exemption from wealth-tax in respect of assets specified in declaration
Clause 190 - Declaration by misrepresentation of facts to be void
Clause 189 - Declaration not admissible in evidence against declarant
Clause 188 - Tax in respect of voluntarily disclosed income not refundable
Clause 187 - Undisclosed income declared not to be treated as benami transaction in certain cases
Clause 186 - Undisclosed income declared not to affect finality of completed assessments
Clause 185 - Undisclosed income declared not to be included in total income
Clause 184 - Time for payment of tax
Clause 182 - Penalty
Clause 181 - Charge of tax and surcharge
Clause 180 - Declaration of undisclosed income
Clause 179 - Definitions
Clause 178 - Short title and commencement
Clause 163 - Collection and recovery of equalisation levy
Clause 162 - Charge of equalisation levy
Clause 161 - Definitions
Clause 160 - Extent, commencement and application
Clause 159 - Infrastructure Cess
Clause 158 - Krishi Kalyan Cess
Clause 157 - Amendment of notification issued under section 93A of Finance Act, 1994
Clause 156 - Insertion of new sections 101, 102 and 103- Special provision for exemption in certain cases relating to construction of canal, dam, etc- Special provision for exemption in certain cases relating to construction of Government buildings- Speci
Clause 155 - Amendment of section 93A
Clause 154 - Amendment of section 91
Clause 153 - Amendment of section 90
Clause 152 - Amendment of section 89
Clause 151 - Amendment of section 78A
Clause 150 - Amendment of section 75
Clause 149 - Amendment of section 73
Clause 148 - Amendment of section 67A
Clause 147 - Amendment of section 66E
Clause 146 - Amendment of section 66D
Clause 145 - Amendment of section 65B
Clause 144 - Amendment of Second Schedule
Clause 143 - Amendment of First Schedule
Clause 142 - Amendment of Third Schedule
Clause 141 - Amendment of section 37B
Clause 140 - Amendment of section 11A
Clause 139 - Amendment of section 5A
Clause 138 - Amendment of First Schedule
Clause 137 - Omission of section 8C
Clause 136 - Amendment of notifications issued under section 25 of Act 52 of 1962
Clause 135 - Amendment of section 156
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IBC Discussion Paper: RP Appointment, Report Sharing, Creditor Meetings
ICAI extends Last date for payment of Membership & COP fee
Multipurpose Empanelment Form 2023-24 hosted at https://meficai.org
Advisory: Temporary/Short Period Pause in e-Invoice Auto Population into GSTR-1
Difficulty in Receiving OTP for DIR-3 KYC Filing
CBDT notifies National Farmers Welfare Program Implementation Society: section 10(46)
CBDT notifies ‘Punjab Nurses Registration Council’ under section 10(46)
CBDT notifies Rule 21AHA & FORM No. 10-IFA for Section 115BAE(5) Option
CBDT amends Income Tax Rule 14 & 14B and Introduces Form No. 6D -Inventory Valuation Report
CBDT issued Procedure for Income Tax Deduction Certificate Applications via TRACES
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